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A bag holding caps.

Bottle caps are the standard currency in FOnline:2238. This is the only regular money in the wasteland. Its weight is 0, which means you can carry billions with you.


Bottle caps were turned into money in Hub, and that's why caps are sometimes called hubbucks. The reason why they were chosen as official wasteland money is that the technology needed to manufacture bottle caps and paint them has been lost during the Great War, which limits the number of bottle caps that would appear in the world. That limited number also ensures to preserve their value.

How to earn caps

You can earn caps by almost every way, and here are some examples.

  • NPCs can give some to you if you complete a quest.
  • You can shovel shit to be rewarded both xp and caps.
  • You can Lift caravan boxes for caps and xp
  • A successful town control will grant you a lot of caps.
  • Usually, human NPCs in encounters have a small amount of caps on them. If you loot their corpses, you will get them.
  • Trade with NPC merchants, selling items and getting their caps.
  • Trade with other players, selling them some of your items for some caps.
  • Maida Buckner will buy gecko pelts in Klamath at the Buckner Bar.
  • Slavery is also a popular way to earn caps.
  • Spears can be sold in Junktown to Sassy Givins.
  • Junk can be sold in the Boneyard to a certain NPC.
  • Caps can be found in various amounts in footlockers, usually while hunting for blueprints.
  • Bets are won during PvP fist-fighting in the Junktown Boxing Ring.
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