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Game Rules, AHS-9 Administrator, February 07, 2010, 09:00:20 pm The rules here are subject to change, going with the possible exploits, bug and features. They will be changed whenever deemed necessary and this thread will be updated.

Here is a list of some actions that we consider unfair and illegal in the game. If you're spotting someone violating the rules, feel free to message a GM by typing: +requesthelp <message>. However they won't do anything unless they witness an actual rule violation.

  • Exploiting a bug or abusing a feature (this includes security failures in guarded towns).
  • Using alts (that means dual log - playing with more than one character at time, even with two computers).
  • Using any kind of unauthorized third-party tool that modifies the game memory and/or data files.
  • Avoiding the anti-alt timeout system.
  • Using bots, macros, auto-clickers.
  • Racism or other hostile speech.
  • Impersonating staff member.
  • Attacking people in Respawn locations. This includes both players and NPCs.
  • Spamming or making in-game chat unreadable.
  • Abusing of +requesthelp command can warrant a ban for 14 days or indefinitely for repeat offender - this means using it for problems that do not require a GM assistance.
Examples of misusing +requesthelp
  • Asking for skins. Skins are only given out rarely during some events. Do not ask for them.
  • Any kind of spamming or trolling +requesthelp will likely get you banned if a GM is online.
  • Requesting to spawn some items/NPCs, it might get you banned.
  • General questions about the game, look for answers on this wiki or ask on the forums.

Sanctions shall go from jailing or temporary banning to regenerating tent/faction map or characters deleting. Also, please note that by going to an event set up by GMs you agree with the event rules, that may vary. Sanction for players making troubles in an event is let to the Game Master's imagination.

Use common sense and you won't get into any trouble.

Edited 2011-02-06

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