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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat). It is mainly designed for group communication, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message as well as chat and data transfers. FOnline:2238 has an official IRC channel (#2238 on network, see below), and some other channels are used to trade and discuss various topics.

This IRC help was firstly written by Reconite on the official forum, here. Check there first to see if your question or problem meets a solution.


IRC Clients

This is a list of some popular IRC client programs that allow you to join IRC channels. Install one that best matches your operating system to be able to join the rest of us on IRC!

First Steps

  • Connect to
  • Join the channel #2238 by typing this command in the text box:
/join #2238
  • Then do :
/nick [yournamehere]

(But note that most IRC clients have a name selection on startup) for people to identify you instead of being called, for example, "Leaf1185" (because that's automatic for etc.

  • To register a nickname, while using the name you want to register, use :
/ns register [password] [email]

Do not use a fake email to register a nickname, it has to be an email account that you can pick up the email from and activate it.

  • If you don't know russian language, you can change IRC services (NickServ, Chanserv/Mystery etc.) messages to english :
/ns set language 1
  • When you have a registered nickname and you connect to, you have to identify :
/nick [yournamehere]
/ns identify [password]

You can skip the first command (nick), if you are already using the nickname you registered. If you are using a registered nickname and you don't identify, your nickname will be changed to, for example, "Leaf523" after 1 minute.

Possible problems

Some IRC clients, like irssi, will not understand commands like /ns or /cs. This can be circumvented by using the /msg command:

/msg NickServ register [password] [email]
  • Similarly, if you wish to register a new channel, you should write
/msg ChanServ register [channel] [password] [description]

Forestnet IRC Servers

  • (picks random server from the following list)
    • (recommended)

Port: 6667 (default)

On ForestNet, connecting to specific port allows to set various codepages.

cp1251 6667, 6669, 7000, 7325 (SSL)
us_ascii 6670, 7326 (SSL)
koi8r 6668
unicode 6662, 6697 (SSL)

FOnline: 2238 IRC Channels

  • #2238 - Official FOnline: 2238 channel. Use English only.
  • #2238rage - Unmoderated channel for arguing.
  • #2238help - Game help and troubleshooting.
  • #2238trade - Trade channel.
  • #2238arena - Channel for Hinkley fans.
  • #2238pve - For PvE players to organize and meet up.
  • #2238mod - Modifications channel (NOT channel of moderators).
  • #2238wiki - Channel for everyone who wants to talk about this wiki.

Basic Commands

A list of some basic commands that are entered in writing to the chat client:

/join #[channel name] - e.g. /join #2238
/nick [new name] - e.g. /nick FUnline
/msg [nick] [message] - sends [message] to [nick].
/query [nick] - opens a query window to chat privately with another person.
/me likes FOnline. - will be displayed as "* [Yourname] likes FOnline."
/away [reason] - Will mark you as being away.
/back - Will remove the "Away" mark.
/whois [nick] - Will display basic information, including the possible away message, about the user [nick].
/quit - Will quit the irc program.

Text-Formatting Shortcuts

These commands work in mIRC, no guarantees on other clients. Note that using these kinds of text formatting may not display correctly for other users, and their use is discouraged!

Ctrl-B will apply bold to the word.

Ctrl-R will highlight the word.

Ctrl-U will underline the word.

Ctrl-K will allow you to select a colour to the words ahead.

Ctrl-O will let you stop the colour code.

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