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Factions in FOnline: 2238 are communities. They are divided in two groups, NPC-driven and player-driven. Your character can only be in one faction at a time, either a player one or a NPC one.

Player-driven factions

Player-driven factions are gangs. They have a base and a faction name, and they use it to seize town control of a town or simply to share the same hideout.

The player-driven factions list is on the Player-driven factions article.

NPC-driven factions

NPC-driven factions are official, like the Vault City faction or the Enclave faction. Joining one of them is useful, because you will be able to meet instructors for professions, and to make some private quests. But you won't be able to be in a player-driven faction until you resign from your current one. You can join and leave a faction freely, but (unlike player-driven factions) it will affect your reputation, so be careful.

See the NPC-driven factions category for more details.

NPC-driven factions Player-driven factions Bases Town Control Reputation
Npcdrivenfactions.png Playerdrivenfactions.png Bases.png Town-control.png Reputation.png

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