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Town Control (TC for short or Town Guarding which is another alias) is a feature of the game that is only available for player-controlled factions (Gangs that possess a base). It gives them the ability to take control of one of the six so called un-guarded towns in the north of the worldmap.

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Seizing control

A player near Marcus, Broken Hills leader. The countdown is visible to anyone in-game, and as it will soon reach zero, the Critical Failure Gang will be able to take its reward.
Town Control capture zone. Area highlited by pressing F10 in which at least 5 gang members must stand in order to capture city.

To gain control in a town, you need to speak to the leader or chief of the town. You also need to make sure that you have at least five gang members nearby in tier 2 armors and weapons, to "impress" upon the leader that you are capable of protecting them. If there is any militia present in the town, they will attack you. When you have killed all the militia, speak to the leader again, and he shall bless you as the new "protectors" of the town. After this, a countdown willl be displayed globally. You need to hold ground for 15 minutes. To actually gain control you need at least 5 alive gang members at the end of countdown. To see area which you need to hold press F10. When the countdown timer has gone to 00:00, your faction will be shown in the pipboy as controlling the town. During the countdown, you can't access the reward container, neither can you recruit militia. Also town preview is disabled.

Town Who to talk to (Town leader)
Gecko Harold.
Modoc Jo (In the General Store).
Redding Sheriff Marion (In the Sheriff Office).
Klamath Slim Picket (In Trapper Town).
Broken Hills Marcus (In front of the FLC bank).
Den Metzger, in slavers headquarter - Town Control only available for slavers !


Note: Militia has been disabled in all towns in Changelog 03/07/2012.

See Town Control (Season 6) for the original article.


Rewards are now being payed out hourly, in both caps and special items per town. The amount of caps gained per hour will increase. Some of the items given out are unique for each town. Some towns will naturally be more attractive, as there's more valuable resources there.

Town Increase of caps per hour Reward in items
Klamath 300 Golden Gecko Pelt, Gecko Pelt, Rope, Nuka-Cola, Cigarettes
Modoc 450 Brahmin hide, Meat Jerky, Nuka-Cola, Cigarettes
Gecko 500 Electronic parts, Nuka-Cola, Cigarettes
Den 750 Rope, Jet, Nuka-Cola, Cigarettes
Redding 850 Jet, Nuka-Cola, Cigarettes
Broken Hills 1000 Uranium Ore, Nuka-Cola, Cigarettes

Reputation affects

The Town Control does not affect reputation, but if your gang is hated in the town, you won't be able to control it. The same goes if you can't talk to the mayor, due to your low reputation, intelligence or charisma, or if you are a slaver.

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