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A pack of pre-war cigarettes. The label says 'Lucky Shot'.
Effects Immediate: +1 to Perception, -1 to Charisma
-1 to Perception, +1 to Charisma after 10 hours
Addiction 15% chance of addiction
-1 to Maximum Action Points after 10 hours; effects last 20 hours
Weight 100 grams
Base price 3 caps

You can buy limitless amounts of Cigarettes at the evening in Junktown, in Skum Pitt bar for 100 caps each.

Note: The effect does not stack. So smoking another pack before effects of the first one are gone would only reset the 30 minutes timer of positive effect.

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Crafting table
Cigarettes.gif x 1
Requirements None
Resources 2 x Tobbaco2.gif
Tools Sttable.gif
XP 10
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