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Action Points (or APs) are the core of the combat system in the Fallout series. While in a combat, the player character can only perform a limited number of actions, depending on his Action Points amount. Healing, shooting, reloading, and picking up items are some examples of actions that will cost you APs. In FOnline: 2238, most of the fights are in real time, which means your Action Points will automatically regenerate over time, until they reach your maximum Action Points amount.

Action Points regenerate faster in FOnline: 2238 than in FOnline: TLA.

Note: Some skills require 5 Action Points to use.

Note: Opening containers require 4 Action Points.


In Real-Time mode, your Action Points will regenerate if you stand still, exactly like the Fallout: Tactics combat mode. The higher your Maximum Action Points, the faster they will regenerate. In Turn-Based mode, your Action Points are fully regenerated each turn, so you don't have to save them.

Maximum action points

Your maximum Action Points are calculated with the following formula :

5 + (Agility/2)

It can also be increased with the Action Boy perk (+1 AP per rank of this perk) or by taking Jet or Nuka-Cola (Their effects, however, are only temporary). In Turn-Based mode, the Bonus Move perk is also effective, giving you two additional APs to move only. This perk does not work in Real-Time mode, since moving does not cost you APs.

Note: If you are addicted, and you have not taken your drugs, the amount of Action Points you have will be temporarily decreased by one AP for each drug addiction.

Base Action Points calculation

Agility Maximum Action Points With Bruiser trait
1 5 3
2 6 4
3 6 4
4 7 5
5 7 5
6 8 6
7 8 6
8 9 7
9 9 7
10 10 8
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