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Jet is a powerful methamphetamine that stimulates the central nervous system. The initial euphoric rush rarely lasts more than a few minutes, but during that time, the user is filled with a rush of energy & strength.
Effects Immediate: +2 to Maximum Action Points, -1 to Charisma, -2 to Strength, -15 to Damage Resistance
-2 to Maximum Action Points, +1 to Charisma, +2 to Strength, +15 to Damage Resistance after 10 hours
Addiction 100% chance of addiction
-1 to Maximum Action Points after 10 hours; curable only with Jet Antidote
Weight 51 grams
Base price 100 caps

Jet was created by Myron, a young scientist working for the Mordinos family, in the New Reno stables. Jet became quickly a cheap and popular drug, spreading to other towns like Redding thanks to the Mordinos contacts all over the wasteland. Because it has a 100% chance of addiction, once you've consumed a jet dose, you're in the business.


Jet is a primary combat drug, used by most of the extreme PvP fighters because it boosts a character's Action Points by 2, giving that character a serious advantage over foes with less AP.

Where to get Jet ?

You can buy limitless amounts of this drug in Den, from Joe, one of the three thugs in the middle of the town, for 500 caps each. It can be looted from some bodies in Robbers and Highwaymen encounters, and with thief you can steal Jet from prostitutes in Den.

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Crafting table
Jet.gif x 3
Requirements Profession: Doctor: 2
Resources 3 x Chem2 2.gif and
3 x Chem2 2.gif
Tools Adv workbench.png
XP 20
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