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Hit Points (or HP) define the amount of damage your character can take before dying.

When your hit points reach 0 or below, you fall on the ground knocked down, which means you can only whisper. While knocked down you are unable to do anything. When your HP goes to -20 you will die, but if not in combat, your HP will regenerate every 2 minutes allowing your character to stand back up when it reaches 1 or above.

Hit Points regeneration

You can get back your hit points using:

  • Hit points regenerate every 2 minutes by amount of Healing Rate
  • A stimpak (+10-40hp), weak healing powder, healing powder (up to +20 hp), or a Super Stimpak - take care about the drugs inconveniences first, though.
  • Your First Aid skill, that will heal you depending on the amount of skill points in the skill, with a cooldown if you use it (With 200% for example, you'll heal your target for up to 200 hit points). The average amount you can heal at a time is based on your Luck. The First Aid skill will award you 3xp for each hit point healed.
  • You can ask Wasteland Doctor to heal you for caps.

Maximum Hit Points

The base maximum hit points formula is 55+Strength+(2*Endurance).

Additionally, you will be awarded more hit points when you go up a level. The formula for hit points per level is Endurance/2. As the number of hit points per level is rounded down, it is advised to have an even number of Endurance points (2, 4, 6, 8, 10).

Endurance Hit points per level
1 0
2 1
3 1
4 2
5 2
6 3
7 3
8 4
9 4
10 5

Lifegiver bonus

Each lifegiver perk will grant you an added number of hit points. Because you can take it three times, the final bonus can be +90 hit points.

Chart showing HP levels at level 24, assuming 5 Strength. Each point in Strength gives 1 HP:

Endurance No Lifegiver 1x Lifegiver 2x Lifegiver 3x Lifegiver
1 62 X X X
2 87 X X X
3 89 X X X
4 114 X X X
5 116 136 X X
6 141 161 191 X
7 143 163 193 233
8 168 188 214 254
9 170 190 220 260
10 195 215 245 285
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