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Dismantling or Disassembling is the use the Science skill on most weapons or armors to get various resources. When you dismantle an item, you have the chance to receive a portion of the items that are used to craft said weapon. This can not be done during combat.

  • The higher your Science skill, the better chance you will have of getting more/better resources. (might no longer be the case)
  • The perk Dismantler increases what the resources you can get.
  • Weapons that can stack in number (throwing weapons, sledgehammers, brass knuckles, etc.) cannot be disassembled.
  • The item's condition/broken status does not affect this ability.
  • 20 xp is received for each item disassembled.

Note: You can disassemble items lying on the ground. Just press 7 and click on them.

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