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Geiger Counter

"A Wattz Electronics C-Radz model Geiger Counter. Detects the presence and strength of radiation fields."

Geiger counter is powered by Small Energy Cells. Power capacity is 220/220.

Weight: 1814 grams.

Note: Geiger Counter is bugged (,22879.msg189646.html ) now and does not work.

With a Geiger Counter in your inventory and powered on, you will get constant notifications of your radiation level until you either power off the unit or it expends it's charge. The notifications appear in your message box every so many seconds. Alternatively, you can place one on the ground and it will serve this same function for multiple characters who are standing close enough.

This is a very handy item to have in places like Glow where staying alive is a challenge due to excessive background radiation.

Geiger Counters can be obtained from Mantis, the ghoul by characters with enough Repair skill.

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