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Staff.jpg These are the people working on the game.

Staff atom.gif
From Poland Grzegorz "Atom" Jagiella

Staff ghosthack.gif
From Sweden Markus "Ghosthack" Öberg

Staff lexx.gif
From Germany Stefan "Lexx" Keßner

Staff lisac.gif
From Austria Slaven "Lisac2k" Ostojic

Staff samira.gif
From New California Republic "Samira"

Staff scypior.gif
From Poland Bartosz "scypior" Przygoda

Staff slimcharles.gif
From the United Kingdom Ben "SlimCharles" Jenkins

Staff solar.gif
From the United Kingdom Tom "Solar" Jones

Staff jovankab.gif
Pirate "JovankaB"

Game Masters

GM.png These are the people solving players' issues and organizing events.

Staff mr.perriack.gif
From USA "Gatling"

From Canada "Gorlak"

Staff izual.gif
From France "Izual"

Staff rusty.gif
From Finland Aki "Rusty" Friman

Staff nexxos.gif
From Finland "Nexxos"

Staff rj.gif
From Poland "RJ"

Staff skejwen.gif
From Poland Maciej "Skejwen" Jastrzębski

Surf Solar.gif
From Germany Frank "Surf Solar" Schimski

Staff voland.gif
From Russia "Voland"

Wiki Editors

Additional contributors laboring to update this wiki. They include FOnline: 2238 Wiki:Administrators and FOnline: 2238 Wiki:Bureaucrats.

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