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Fibers of a mutated plant. Very durable biological material.

Finding and gathering fibers

  • Fibers can be found in random encounters, mostly in mountains and forrested lands.
  • It can be obtained from disassembling armors.
  • You can also find fibers inside cities like: Klamath (Hunting Ground area) or north side of Modoc.
  • You need to gather it with a knife from orange plants.
  • Your need 3 AP for each pick, and you will get 1 fiber per pick.
Gathering fibers.

With a knife in slot 1, click on a fiber plant to cut some fiber from it. You should see message that you've obtained some fiber from the plant, or that the plant is out of fiber.


Fibers are used to craft armors and rope.

The following items need fibers to be crafted :

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