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A chemical solution that bonds with radiation particles and passes them through your system. Takes time to work.
Effects Immediate: -25 to Current Radiation Level
-50 to Current Radiation Level after 6 minutes
-75 to Current Radiation Level after 12 minutes
Addiction 10% chance of addiction
-20 to Radiation Resistance after 10 days; effects last 7 days
Weight 53 grams
Base price 300 caps

While Rad-X is taken prior to exposure as a preventative measure, RadAway is taken after exposure to radiation to reduce a character's Current Radiation Level.

Injecting a RadAway will drop a character's rad level by 25 rads immediately, but does a total of 150 points (max) of rad reduction over time, which equals 8.33% on the Radiated pop-up. You have to wait and pay attention to the message box to notice the additional two reductions when they happen at 6 RT minute intervals. The second reduction drops your rad level by up to 50 more rads, and the third by another 75 rads max, spanning 12 RT minutes.

Multiple RadAway doses can be taken concurrently, but there is a limit. For best results, don't use additional doses too quickly, but wait some time for the prior dose to work. When you take an additional dose too soon, your message will be that it "did not seem to do much."

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Crafting table
Iv.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Doctor: 2
Resources 1 x Chem2 2.gif and
1 x Jar.gif
Tools Med mach.gif
XP 21
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