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An advertisement for the Vaults !

The Vault Roleplay Project is a project that wishes to gather all willing roleplayers into the unused Vault 13, to make it a living place : As sort of roleplayers' heaven.


Project Background

The project will take place in one of the Vault-Tec Vaults, the Vault 13 - home of Fallout's Vault Dweller. The Vault Dweller has brought the brand new water chip, and was kicked out by the Overseer. Now, a brand new overseer has seized control of the vault, and keeps it sealed. Life in the vault is not about to change...

Remember that vaults were designed to host a thousand people. Vault was organized like a little town, with weaponry, shops, rooms for each inhabitant...


Brand new maps will be used for this project, so feel free to suggest what you want. Those maps will include the basic three levels of the vaults, but also :

  • An underground farm to supply the vault with food ;
  • A room for each inhabitant. Key will be given to them, don't lose it ! =)


  • A "backdoor" existed in vaults, so we could put it in a map and some people could have secretly access to it, leaving into the wasteland.
  • There could be some secret rebels willing to escape from the vault or to seize control of it, and of course some cops that would protect the Overseer.
  • Besides those who want to leave and those who want to stay, there could be also vault Dwellers radical worshipers, nationalists, megalomaniacs, pacifists, environmentalists preventing human interference...
  • Some vault dwellers could suffer from mental disorders.
  • There could be some new religious guys.
  • The Overseer himself would not be seen, but only his assistant, played by the GMs.
  • There could be, from times to times, technical problems in the Vault that would prevent characters from doing something or bound them to try to repair the machinery (exposing to radiations ? - later becoming ghouls ? =D).
  • Maybe some level of the vault could be "invaded" by rats or mutated small things ? (Easy to do)


Ideas about economy.

  • Cops need weapons and energy guns (Or Small Guns). They should ask some vault dwellers to make them some, against caps or a experience reward (Given by GM, as the profession level).
  • Against caps or experience again, some could repair Vault's machinery (needs work from scripters there).

Usable skins


Hmjmpsaa sw.gif Naglowaa se.gif Hmbjmpaa sw.gif 2238nfvredaa sw.gif Nflynnaa sw.gif Nfvaltaa sw.gif Nachldaa sw.gif Nfchldaa sw.gif

Special characters

Nmgrchaa sw.gif Nmlabbaa sw.gif Class.gif Classe.gif
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