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There drops water out of that pump.

The Waterpipe, or Waterpump is used to fill an Empty Water Bag to create a Water Bag.

Note: Since Changelog 19/07/2012 waterpipes fill all empty waterbags in the inventory as the default action on use.

Waterpipes can be found in some bases and the following public locations:

  • Broken Hills, west of the Residental entrance.
  • Hub, middle area between the main gate and the Market, amongst the farmer's fields.
  • Junktown, near the top-left of town and next to a brahmin pen.
  • Junktown Mining Site
  • Klamath, above the northern brahmin pen.
  • Klamath Mining Site
  • Modoc, towards the top of the town in the west.
  • NCR, next to the brahmin pens.
  • NCR Mining Site
  • Necropolis, in the south of the Watershed section.
  • New Adytum, by the south end of town.
  • Redding, next to the south brahmin pen.
  • San Francisco, to the east of the Ruins section of the town.
  • San Francisco Mining Site
  • Tobacco Farm, in the tobacco field.
  • Vault City, next to the outer-city brahmin pen.
  • Waterworks, in the middle section of the facility.

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