Brahmin Hide

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A brahmin hide.

This hide is about as good as any you'll find in the wastes. It has been scoured and bated by hand.

Finding Brahmin hides

  • You can get some by killing brahmin in random encounters.
  • Note: If you finish off the brahmin with explosive damage, like molotov cocktail there will be no hides.
  • You might receive some by disassembling the types of armors that needed Brahmin Hides to be crafted.
  • You can also obtain them from A Brahmin Herdsman's Job quest. NOTE: The quest will fail by doing so.


Brahmin hides are used to create certain armors and a few other items and also to build certain locations.

The following items need brahmin hides to be crafted:

The following locations need brahmin hides to be build:

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