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Advertisement for the Hub, made during the project to attract more people in Hub.

The Hub roleplay project was a roleplay project lasting approximately from January to February 2010, in FOnline: 2238. Its goals were to make the Hub a living and roleplaying place, thanks to 100% roleplay characters, but also useful shops/organisations and the help (if needed) of GMs. Its official IRC channel was #hub2238.



The few, the proud, the Hub roleplayers ! This could be the motto of all the players that took part in this fantastic rolepay project. Started by players, animated by players, ended by players, it is certainly the best roleplay success in FOnline: 2238, and also the sadest fail. A few players started to roleplay in Hub, which was still a empty town next to the crowded NCR, and tried to turn it into a valuable alternative, with player-driven shops, bars and so on. Later, more enthusiastic players came to roleplay, GMs played the local police officers and gave empty buildings to shopkeepers. The Maltese Falcon was crowded night and day. However, some players thought that the fact so many people had fun without a single gunshot was quite annoying, so the project had to face a massive assault of suicide bombers and sneaky assassins, that went inside of the town to kill any roleplayer they saw, regardless that Hub was a guarded town at that time. The several attacks were eventually successful, and less roleplayers came to Hub. Then, the project was already dead, and ended after one month of existence.

Hub roleplay project is the most successful roleplay experience in a public location. It gathered artists and skilled roleplayers as well as committed casual players, from every country, which made its success. The roleplay was also simple enough to allow everyone to give it a try - roleplaying a random wastelander - and large enough to allow complex backgrounds as well as real shopkeepers jobs. However, the lack of filters in the entrance of the town made the project vulnerable to random attacks from griefers. Despite the sad ending, Hub roleplay project still remain in everyone's mind a successful and really enjoyable experience.

Informations about the roleplay

This part was written when the roleplay project was still alive, providing useful informations to guests or roleplayers.

Hub laws

These laws have been decided by the project leaders. They are additional laws to the normal guarded towns ones (do not steal/attack someone, or block the path). Police officers (players) have to make them effective... And it can be by killing the outlaw, or escorting him to the jail or out of the city.

  • No Big Guns/Energy Weapons (Small Energy Weapons are allowed) in your active hand, except for defending yourself. Showing up with a Minigun, a Light Support Weapon or a Laser Rifle is not a good idea this lawful city.
  • Selling or speaking of drugs publicly will make the police officers furious. Try to keep words to a whisper when talking about drugs, or you could be sent to the Hub's jail.


Hub Police

  • Author : Izual
  • Description : The official Hub Police, ruled by Deputy Feral and Cpt. Nikopol. Done something bad ? Then you'll go in that jail and wait for someone to pay for your freedom !
  • Location and other details : The Hub Police office is located at the south east of the town. Don't come there if you have not valuable informations.
  • Characters involved : Deputy Feral, Cpt. Nikopol

The Thieves Guild

  • Author : V_guessWho
  • Description : The rebirth of the Thieves' Guild organisations.
  • Location and other details : You have to find the "special guy" in Maltese Falcon, he will give you more information.
  • Characters involved : Bird, Saint Arm, Gavroche

The Maltese Falcon bar

  • Author : DannyTheDog (creator of the Hub Barman) and TommyTheGun
  • Description : Go buy a beer and trash-talk in the Maltese Falcon! The Bartenders working there have got the concession for every existing alcohol you might need. Is there anything more you could want?
  • Location and other details : Maltese Falcon bar (South-East). Price List
  • Characters involved : Kane., Hub Barman, TommyTheGun, Bar Lady, Saint Arm, Kind Man.

Hub Underground

  • Author : V_guesswho
  • Description : The rebirth of the Hub Underground, ruled by Decker.
  • Location and other details : Hidden under the Maltese Falcon, lead by Decker and his right hand man, Kane. Here you can find Bounty Hunter contracts, which Decker will give you himself, guarding jobs in smuggling deals and other shady business.
  • Characters involved : Kane., KindMan

The Wild Bunch

  • Author : TommyTheGun
  • Description : A small group who spend their free time in the Maltese Falcon, trying to come up with ideas on how to get rich big. Remaining neutral, they tend to help both - the law enforcement and the Hub underground. Obviously – as long as they find it profitable. They also know a lot about what goes on in the Hub. If you’re looking for answers, you may want to look to them first.
  • Location and other details : You can find them in Maltese Falcon bar (South-East).
  • Characters involved : TommyTheGun, Jack Daniel

Far Go Traders

  • Author : Rejfyl, Imprezobus
  • Purposes :Making caravan trips to other cities, offering protection for other players while transporting goods (e.g. To Sierra Army Depot or Mariposa), bartering with other players. Secret purpose: Buying drugs from New Reno and selling them in the Hub.
  • Players involved : Rejfyl (StuntmanMike, Ray Fyl),Imprezobus, DANG3RZONE, Frozen Mind, Nitro, Lord Raien.
  • Plans : I think that occupying the Far Go Traders building could be boring, so the players mentioned above will be hanging out in the Maltese Falcon bar, when they meet a customer, they will take him to Far Go Traders building.
  • Caravans and protection: We will use help of Los Alamos Warriors gang, so the caravan will largely consist of players. Crafting Micro Fusion Cells or drugs in the Sierra Army Depot is dangerous, so bodyguards are mandatory.
  • Drugs: This will be our secret purpose, when someone mentions that he needs drugs, a player from the Far Go Traders will whisper our offer to him. We wont sell drugs in large doses for any one player, because they are very valuable and one gang could buy all the drugs from us in one exchange. We also plan to cooperate with other illegal organisations in town. Every player will be provided with the full services of our company. We want to be open from morning to evening (GMT+1).
  • Characters involved : Stuntman Mike,Ray Fyl, Imprezobus, Emperor, Demigod

"Need to secure trade? Looking for caravan? Will hire a guide? We go as far as possible, FarGoTraders. Visit us everyday, Hub, Down the main street. Radio channel 31313 irc channel: #fargotraders  !"

Rat God Cult

  • Author : Saint Arm
  • Description : The Hubber branch of the Rat God Cult of California, religion started in Modoc by Brother Arm. The deity worshipped by them is the Rat God, a supposedly omnipresent, omniconscious and all-powerfull entity who, according to them, created the universe.
  • Location and other details : Usually the Church in the south side of the Hub is the place to find the cultists. But since Saint Arm works as a barman at the Maltese Falcon during most of his day, the cult can be contacted there as well. Still, they claim their local headquarters is at the Church, claim which is disputed with other religions.
  • Diplomacy : Being such a radical belief sponsored by this group, they tend to be hostile toward other churches, especially the Children of the Cathedral. Otherwise, they tend to fit in well, having good interactions both with the local law enforcement and the underground; one wonders if they do that out of neutrality or sheer interest in the accomplishment of their goals.
  • Characters involved : Saint Arm, Imprezobus

Children of the Cathedral

  • Author : Saint Arm
  • Description : The Children of the Cathedral's presence in the Hub takes us back to 2120, back when the Master was still in activity, and was spreading his temples throughout the south, before being defeated by the Vault Dweller. The Hub branch, however, was allowed to remain in the Hub operating due to charity, that and the Cathedral was also rebuilt by human believers who still worshipped the Master. Brother Wit was sent from the Cathedral itself to reach out to the people of the Hub, occupying a post abandoned ever since Priestess Jain of the Children passed away. However, now he faces competition.
  • Location and other details : The Children of the Cathedral's official residence in the Hub is the Church just north of the Water Merchants, in which they had operated for years. Still, they're disupting the ownership over the Church with the Rat God Cultists and the Technocrats, who both intend to use the church only for themselves.
  • Characters involved : Brother Wit (head priest)


Deputy Feral, his sniper in his hands, guarding the Hub next to his men.

A summary of all the roleplay characters you may cross in The Hub.

Deputy Feral

He is the leader of the Hub's cops, suspecting the Maltese Falcon to host the Hub Underground organisation. Mistrusting Kane, and notorious criminals. Gentle, but rude with criminals, he can sometimes be seen patrolling with his men and guarding the town.

  • "Real" name: Russian GM Abuser
Cpt. Nikopol

He is leading the Hub's cops with his friend Deputy Feral. They have pretty much the same characters. It is known, that Cpt. Nikopol tends to extreme actions, when it comes to reach a target... or hit a target with his sawed-off shotgun.

  • "Real" name: Admin Abuse!!!

Kane is the bodyguard and right-hand man of the Hub's local crime boss, Decker. An "employee" of the Maltese Falcon bar, his intimidating presence is usually stationed at the door to the basement, Decker's sanctum and audience chamber. Like many hired hands in a bar that do not handle the mixing of drinks, Kane's primary job is to serve as a warning: any misbehavior is not tolerated. Don't even think about being rude with him.

  • "Real" name: Victor Nemtsev
Bird, somewhere.

A clever kid who hangs around Maltese Falcon. He could be everywhere. And he probably knows what's going on in town. His real name is Victor.

  • "Real" name: Victor Nemtsev
Tommy The Gun - spending his free time in Maltese Falcon, watching over the place.
Ray Fyl

Owner of Far Go Traders. He pretends that he knows nothing about drugs in his company, but town everybody knows that he is cooperating with Imprezobus. Liked by most of Hub citizens because of his wealth.

  • "Real" name: ray_fyl

Known not only in the Hub, he moved there to rest from the crowded city of NCR. As co-manager of Maltese Falcon, he tries to keep the place clean and safe. He’s also the leader of The Wild Bunch. Most of the time, he is drunk. He’s a great pal for some small-talk, don’t trust him too much though!

  • "Real" name: TommyTheGun
Jack Daniel

Member of The Wild Bunch, also known as a Psycho and even the Devil itself. Before he moved to the Hub, he used to be a slaver – and he still wears his Tattoo with pride. Now he helps TommyTheGun with running the bar – regardless if it means tending to the bar, or kicking out unwelcome guests. Don’t mind his jokes though, he won’t do you any harm as long as you won’t give him a reason

  • "Real" name: ?
Barman, stuck in his room, as always.
Hub Barman

One of initiators of Maltese Falcon. Everybody knows him. Everybody loves him. And, everybody hates him. He will sell you the best vodka in the Wasteland, but try not to piss him off, or he'll... just come to Maltese Falcon and see what'll happen. Good luck.

  • "Real" name: Multiple People
Bar Lady

Middle-aged lady, working as waitress in Maltese Falcon.

  • "Real" name: Unused at the moment
Brother Wit

Member of the Children of the Cathedral. Weak on strength but strong in faith. With a small number of followers, he tries to spread the Master's word. Healing not only soul, but flesh as well. He spends most of his time in the Maltese Falcon, drinking and trying to forget about what happened to the Master. Preaching a lot in the pub which eventually leads to him getting kicked out. He can be also found on the South Side of the Hub sleeping in the church.

  • "Real" name: RJ
Reconite chilling out in the Maltese Falcon.

The young, but resourceful wastelander from north of NCR, he carries his trusty 'City Killer' Combat Shotgun and is known to withhold heavy recoil with ease. He specializes in Mechanics and Scientific skills and has travelled far across the Wasteland in search of riches, before stopping in the Hub for some peace. His stance on the criminal activity in the Hub is neutral, if it's profitable he may do jobs for either side.

  • "Real" name: Reconite

Raider of northern towns in the past, and currently Mr. Decker's personal assistant. Mercenary, bountyhunter, his lifestyle hasn't changed much since he appeared in the Hub. Making Bounty Hunters' contracts, eliminating Mr. Decker's competitors and gathering "protection" money from traders, not only in the Hub, but in nearest southen towns too, thats his job. He doesnt hide his dislikes about the law enforecement in the Hub. He's seriously in-love with the Bar Lady and doesn't allow anyone to be too close to her. If you wanna talk with him, you better buy a whiskey first.

  • "Real" name: KindMan

Imprezobus, who was once a great guide, slaver and junkie has changed his life through the use of his wealth, which may seem strange for his age of 17. He got rid of his Jet addiction and somehow managed to remove the slaver tattoo that he had (some say that he just hid it after scars). But he kept his skills in guiding people through the wasteland, and finding ways to use them in dire situations. He combines his Legal knowledge, skills in Outdoorsman and is the right person for organizing caravans, secured trades and hunting trips, with his underground activity and criminal experience to perform a range of 'talents' from Smuggling to Drug Dealing, proudly in the name of the Far Go Traders.

  • "Real" name: Impre
Saint Arm
Brother Arm, in his robe made of molerat fur.

Also known as Brother Arm, his real name is Arminius. He's a priest and philantropist. Few is known about his beginnings, but it's believed that he was raised by survivors of a raiding spree, who took shelter in the sewers of a pre-war town. What's well known is that he came to believe and worship what he calls the Rat God, and began preaching in Modoc. After a while he had to leave, as raids were intensifying, so he found freedom of speech in NCR. However, with the growing number of atheists, he decided to search for new grounds. It was when he heard of the increasing presence of the Cathedral in the south, including the Hub and Necropolis. Having gone to Necropolis before and seeing first hand what happened there, he decided to move to the Hub to save its population. Saint Arm fights with his fists, in a style he dubs Rat-fu, which is not really based in technique but more in fervor.

  • "Real" name: Arminius
Hub Wanderer

The wanderer couldnt find his place to settle down for a long time, now he decided to make his home in Hub. He tries to live here from things he can trade to the local shopkeepers and factions. Additionaly, he wants to produce antidotes to earn some caps, by hunting radscorpions near Hub. He also travels to other city to gather junk stuff that he sells to hub shops, factions and bartenders. He can deliver alcohol to the bar or stuff to factions, repair things, and has got a locker somewhere in town to store his poor stuff.

  • "Real" name: Green.Apple
Gavroche as always busy with very important things.

A homeless child that lives on the streets of the Hub, the little urchin talks with a strange mixture of English and French. He is always hungry and it is noticed that things often seem to go missing when he is around. If you are nice to him and give him something to eat, in return he may pay you back with some valuable information. He says he stowed away on a caravan wagon to get to the Hub from the Den, but hardly anyone believes it. He also claims to be 14 years old, but that is most probably a lie.

  • "Real" name: JovankaB
Stuntman Mike

Used to be a Mordino Family member. Fleeing from his past, he settled down in the Hub. Now he's running some shady business in the Far Go Traders' building.

  • "Real" name: rejfyl

An Emperor without an Empire. Now he wants to create his own Empire with the Far Go Traders and LAW Team. He's talks about the Force but nobody's ever seen it. There are rumours that he is the Shi Emperor - 'human with a cybernetic brain' but those rumours are lies! He is the Chief Security Officer of the Far Go Traders.

  • "Real" name: Lord Raien
Lady Kind

A simple street-girl from the L.A. Boneyard. She is a good scout and very beautiful.

  • "Real" name: KindMan

He was thrown out of his hometown, Modoc as he was a kid (he doesn't want to talk about the reasons, but you can try to ask him). After that, he left civilization and lived in the desert. There he became a bit mad, thinking that mankind should respect mother nature more. He tried to resurrect plants and trees everywhere he can. Now he wandered to the hub, to spread the word. He also gives away nature products, like roots, fruits or fibers. He fights the war for mother nature!

  • "Real" name: Treesnogger
Aston Maning

Aston Maning is a new, eager member of the Children of the Cathedral. Fascinated with the great idea, he works in service to the Master. He wants to diseminate help to try and unite the wilderness of the wasteland. Because everything is beginning with small steps, and can grow great fruit in the future.

  • "Real" name: Lox

A young hunter born in Klamath. He carries a .44 Magnum as a sidearm, and a sniper rifle as his primary weapon. Specializing in marksmanship, he hunts whatever the wastes can throw at him, making a living off selling pelts and other goods. He stops in at The Hub time to time to get a decent drinking night in, as well as looking for whatever odd-job work he can get there.

  • "Real" name: Dirtnap
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