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The Los Alamos Warriors is a small Polish faction.


Brief Description

LAW faction consists a small group of wastelanders, which gained respect and trust after long days spent experiencing harsh of existing world.


Los Alamos Warriors were military forces of Los Alamos city in New Mexico. The current faction is only a self-sufficient division sent to California in order to make relations with western cities or groups (such as New California Republic or Hub) and feed Los Alamos leaders with information (via couriers).

Western division lost contact with Los Alamos and became rogue and independent. After that LAW started to build plans about rising a city open for friendly wastelanders.

Los Alamos Warriors seek for expansion and allies what causes full absorption of ancient The Guardians, Modius Operandi (which coexisted as a separate LAW squad for some time) and few more small groups. Additionally LAW became ally of modern The Guardians faction.



  • Frozen Mind - lone slaver. He built army of slaves to scare the Wasteland, however many servants died in fights. Then he joined LAW hoping to raise an army again.


  • Arkhir - energy sniper with tactical experience. He likes everything powered by fusion or energy cells, what means he needs to crush someone (or something) with his Mega Power Fist too.
  • MACabra - slaver with real hate of ghouls. He likes spending time alone drinking beer in Maltese Falcon bar or slaughtering uglies.
  • Raien - LAW founder and former leader with strong personality. Many of his private enemies were found on the wasteland with corpses torn apart.
  • Tamara - charismatic sniper. Her mind is always in other place than her body holding a rifle.
  • ToiToi - young and funny fellow. He likes big shiny toys blasting cool beams.

Warriors Missed In Action:

  • Anubis
  • Biohazard - MACabra's pal. He always preferred small guns bursting bullets as much as it can.
  • Cubic - chaotic computer scientist. Can program AI for all kind of robots, and make a formula how your pisses should fly in air to hit a urinal from long distance. Known from being a leader of Los Alamos Science team.
  • DANG3RZ0N - old Raider with knowledge to use some high-tech, especially GECK tool. That's how you end up if don't have other books than manuals to read.
  • DaXmAn
  • Eater
  • Hez - one man army. Likes playing god cloning and training vary soldiers and scientists.
  • Huba
  • Serath - the bartender from Hub. He became silent for some years from unknown reason. Being drunk doesn't mean he can't do his job.
  • Sir Hazirox - old sniper, often talking about conspiracy theories. Always has other opinion that no one expects.
  • Szef - the chief of Modius Operandi military group, that fully became part of Los Alamos Warriors. Always busy having lots of paper work.
  • Tathagata - lone and mysterious wastelander. He had taken a shelter in our base, bringing us high-tech medical equipment for payment. One day he wandered off and never come back.
  • Trol
  • TuX
  • Vladek


  • Imprezobus - legendary taxi-man of the old Wasteland. Ran away from slavers in childhood and became great friend for allies and a big son of the bitch for enemies. Likes huge doses of Jet and other specifics.
  • Nasty Nick - heavy weapons specialist. Though guy with a big guns. Trained and experienced on the battlefield. Resigned to join a nasty faction making nasty things.
  • Nitro - ultimate warrior. After long service resigned from LAW and joined the most rogue bandits for killing need.
  • Rejfyl - leader of former The Guardians sect... or ancient faction. After fall of Cathedral he and his brothers of arm joined Los Alamos Warriors. Promoted to be one of the leaders, became rogue, left LAW and joined unlawful faction.
  • Sol Palmer - charismatic warrior liking long chats. If you don't have GECK, you should probably hire her.
  • umkillass187 - cold-blooded sniper. Always silent before the storm. Under influence shoots to every unidentified moving object.

Wanted (dead):

  • Paramedic - harmless guy until he (or she) gets to your locker. After punishment he disappeared or changed his personality.


LAW doesn't have open recruitment.


  • At the beginning group used Team Handsome faction name with five handsome founders aboard. Whole staff became Los Alamos Warriors later.
  • Faction was a collective of people willing to make player-driven town. Los Alamos was a name of our game's map project. Finally the idea has been rejected by developers. After that team still existed and project name has been added to faction names in need of new ones.
  • Los Alamos is a city in New Mexico state. Location is farther east from 2238's world map. Also there's a town with same name in California - the real location could be marked on world map.
  • LAW faction seems to have base wipe cycle. In each 2238 season LAW members wipe at least one base of disliked enemy faction using undercover agents.
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