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Crafting table
Radio3.gif x 1
Resources 5 x Pump2.gif and
1 x Metal trash2.gif
Tools Sttable.gif
XP 33

Radios allow in-game text communication between characters tuned to the same channel.

Note: You can disassemble radio by using science skill on it.



Radios are the only in-game way to communicate with other players that are not in the same location as yours. An unlimited number of players can share one radio channel. Before OBT 3 in August, 2009, a lot of teams were not using voice chat software (such as Mumble, Teamspeak or Ventrilo) and were then using the radio quite often. Even now, radios are still used by a lot of players and teams along with voice chat software and IRC.

Radio settings

You can adjust a radio's settings via the "Use" action on it.

In the radio settings menu, you can change the channel, and adjust the range at which your radio is able to transmit and receive messages. You can also disable transmitting and receiving functions independently.

The channels numbers can be set between 0 and 65536. They are not secured, so if you know the channel number used by another player you can tune in and listen easily, though the chances of that happening randomly are extremely low. When you die with a radio, the player who loots you will see the channel you last used. Be careful to change channels when this happens.

Radios found in encounters will have their frequencies set to 0-10 , and have their reception turned off, but transmission turned on. So when you find a radio, you should always check to see if you're transmitting on it and adjust it accordingly. The 0 channel is used by players as world chat.

Speaking with a radio

Once you and your friends are tuned to the same channel, you can talk to them by writing in the chat bar and holding down Shift when you press Enter. Or you can use a prefix /r (/r message to radio) and press Enter. Your sentence will be redirected to radio and not displayed in the general chat. However, speaking in the radio will make you whisper while sending your message in the radio channel. You won't whisper if you only receive a radio message.

To be able to speak on a radio, you must have it in turned on and in your inventory or one of your hands.

Radio messages are not signed, which means their authors have to say who they are, if they want to be clearly understood. This means that you can also perform an identity theft by saying you are someone that you are not really. By then, some gangs will use codenames or identity password, which means you can only trust a radio message if it is followed by a specific number sequence.

Distress signal

While a radio is in one of your hands, you can use /h (help, works on Latin keyboard layouts) or /p (privet/pomoshch, works on Russian keyboard layouts) prefix for your messages (.h and .p works as well) to send a distress signal.

All the players connected to your radio channel with the radio in their hand will be able to move to your location on the world map if you are in a random encounter (A red circle will appear on their world map).

Player can send distress calls only for 10 minutes of encounter map lifetime. Every player who dies on visible encounter forgets the location.

Note: In order to send/receive distress signal, you need to have radio in one of your hand slots

Note: Because Distress signal is considered a command, do not use Shift + Enter like for normal radio message. Use just Enter instead.

Faction radio

You can use radio to access your faction base database. You have to be in your faction and use radio with your faction frequency, that can be checked/modified in it's faction terminal.

Currently available orders:

  • order recognition [playerName]

Checks up faction database for information on given player. (e/g "/r order recognition Voland")


  • Unity patrol
  • NCR Army
  • NCR Rangers
  • Vault City Patrol
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