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The Army roleplay project was a roleplay project that started on April 2010, in FOnline: 2238. Its goals were to simulate the life in a New California Republic army outpost, thanks to 100% roleplay characters, the help of GMs and a brand new map. Its official and private IRC channel is #2238army.



Players joined the project as privates in the New California Republic's 6th Infantry Division, basing on real informations took from the Fallout Bible wrote by Chris Avellone, one of the original Fallout's developers. The roleplay took place in a special map, the Military Camp, right at the south of Shady Sands. The privates were given several missions inside the base, and basing on their success in outside operations, were promoted. As they were given gear and experience, only a GM could open the military camp's door to lead outside operations. The army, that did operations with sometimes 20 roleplayers only linked by a IRC channel, avoided to take part in fights related to gang issues - faction bases defense, town control, etc. Except these operations, most of the roleplay was about the everyday life in an army outpost, the practice of gun skills and the discovery of the other privates' story.


The Army roleplay project was started by Izual and Halfsack after the end of Hub roleplay project. To avoid the same sad ending as the latter, this project was a private one. Everyone was able to join (by sending a story to the Game Masters as commitment proof) but when the roleplay started, recruitment was closed. Different operations took place, among them the defense of unguarded locations like the Gunrunners fortress, Toxic Caves or Redding's mine. The project is still alive nowadays.


After project ending only.


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